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Small Carnivore Conservation

Issue 38

Editorial: Small carnivores, red listing, and Small Carnivore Conservation (PDF)
The Editors

Status and distribution of small carnivores in Myanmar (PDF)
Than Zaw, Saw Htun, Saw Htoo Tha Po, Myint Maung, A. J. Lynam, Kyaw Thinn Latt and J. W. Duckworth

Scent-marking by the African Civet Civettictis civetta in the Menagesha–Suba State Forest, Ethiopia (PDF)
Bekele Tsegaye, Afework Bekele and M. Balakrishnan

Civets in trade in Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia (1997–2001) with notes on legal protection (PDF)
Chris R. Shepherd

Behavioural notes on mongoose species from Central India (PDF)
Kolipaka S. Shekhar