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Small Carnivore Conservation

Small carnivorans from southern Benin: a preliminary assessment of diversity and hunting pressure (PDF)
Chabi Adéyèmi Marc Sylvestre Djagoun and Philippe Gaubert

First confirmed records of Large-toothed Ferret Badger Melogale personata in Cambodia, with notes on country records of Melogale (PDF)
Cody Schank, Edward H. B. Pollard, Weston Sechrest, Robert Timmins, Jeremy Holden and Joe Walston

Small carnivore records from the Cardamom Mountains, southwestern Cambodia (PDF)
Jeremy Holden and Neang Thy

Evaluation of three indirect methods for surveying the distribution of the Least Weasel Mustela nivalis in a Mediterranean area (PDF)
Pablo García and Isabel Mateos

An observation of Indonesian Mountain Weasel Mustela lutreolina at Gunung Kerinci, Sumatra, Indonesia (PDF)
J. A. Eaton

Notes on the distribution of Marbled Polecat Vormela peregusna in Mongolia (PDF)
Sandui Dulamtseren, Setev Shar, James D. Murdoch, Richard P. Reading, Jamsran Gantulga, Dorj Usukhjargal and Suuri Buyandelger

Distribution and observations of Red Pandas Ailurus fulgens fulgens in Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve, Nepal (PDF)
Hari Prasad Sharma and Jerrold L. Belant

Observations of small carnivores in the southern Western Ghats, India (PDF)
Rajeev Pillay

Corrigendum (PDF)

Issue 40