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Small carnivores of the Maliau Basin, Sabah, Borneo, including a new locality for Hose’s Civet Diplogale hosei (PDF)
Jedediah Brodie and Anthony Giordano

Research priorities for the small carnivores of Colombia(PDF)
José F. González-Maya, Amancay A. Cepeda, Jerrold L. Belant, Diego A. zárrateCharry, Sergio A. BalaGuera-reina and Abelardo Rodríguez-Bolaños

Collection of African Civet Civettictis civetta perineal gland secretion from naturally scent-marked sites (PDF)
Wondmagegne Daniel, Afework Bekele, M. Balakrishnan and Gurja Belay

Behaviour of the Tayra Eira barbara near Medellín, Colombia: preliminary data from a video-capturing survey (PDF)
Carlos A. Delgado-V., Andrés árias-alzate, Sebastián Botero and Juan D. sánchez- londoño

Records of Spotted Linsang Prionodon pardicolor from Thap Lan and Pang Sida National Parks, Thailand (PDF)
T. Redford, S. Banpot, C. Padungpong and T. Bidayabha

First sighting of the Giant Genet Genetta victoriae in Rwanda (PDF)
Vladimir Dinets

Hunting record of a Spotted Linsang Prionodon pardicolor from Lower Subansiri district, Arunachal Pradesh, India (PDF)
Salvador Lyngdoh, G. V. Gopi and Bilal habib

A market record of Owston’s Civet Chrotogale owstoni from Lao PDR, west of the known range (PDF)
Kongkeo Sivilay, Thipphaphone Anouvong and C. D. Hallam

An observation of Common Palm Civet Paradoxurus hermaphroditus mating (PDF)
Jimmy Borah and Karabi deka

A sighting of Stripe-backed Weasel Mustela strigidorsa at Doi Lang, Thailand (PDF)
Dion Hobcroft

An attack by Ratel Mellivora capensis on pre-release Asian Houbara Bustards Chlamydotis macqueenii in central Saudi Arabia (PDF)
M. Zafar-ul islam, P. M. Basheer, Waliur Rahman and Ahmed Boug

Sightings of Javan Small-toothed Palm Civets Arctogalidia trivirgata trilineata on Gunung Salak, West Java, Indonesia (PDF)
R. S. Moore

An early claim of Red Panda Ailurus fulgens from Vietnam (PDF)
G. B. Schroering

A record of the little-known Stoat Mustela erminea ferghanae from Ladakh, India (PDF)
A. Kotia, K. Angmo, R. R. Bharti, B. S. Adhikari and G. S. Rawat

Species composition and relative sighting frequency of carnivores in the Analamazaotra rainforest, eastern Madagascar (PDF)
Rainer dolch

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