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Small Carnivore Conservation

1989 (Vol. 1)

Volume 1 (Download PDF)

Mustelidae and Viverridae from north-eastern Zaire: ethnozoological research and conservation
Conservation and economic importance of the mustelids and viverrids in China
Conservation of the Liberian mongoose
Diversity and conservation status of mustelids in Mexico
Mustelid and viverrid genetics: A call for cooperative action!
Mustelid and viverrid wealth in Sikkim
Recent Literature

1990 (Vols 2 & 3)

Volume 2 (Download PDF)

Fisher (Martes pennanti): birth, growth and development in captivity
The Gola Project in Sierra Leone: report on the viverrids
The African weasel: a Red Data Book species in South Africa
The distribution and status of the badger in Glamorgan, Wales
The Indian Grey Mongoose (Herpestes edwardsi) in the Circeo National Park: a case of incidental introduction
Estrogen-based conditioned aversion to control egg predation: a non-lethal alternative for mongooses
Conservation of the European mink in Estonia
Minks in Poland
European minks: captive breeding, hybridisation, and introduction
Viverrid and mustelid captive breeding highlights
Colombian weasel threatened by mercury pollution?
Mustelids and viverrids in Southeast Asian zoos
The otter-civet: good and not so good news
…from Jarujin Nabhitabhata: Viverrid news from Thailand
Metropolitan Toronto Zoo: 1990 Liberian Mongoose Research
A preliminary survey of the two rare viverrids: Malabar civet and Brown palm civet of the Western Ghats, India
On Arctictis gairdneri

Volume 3 (Download PDF)

Rediscovery of the crested genet
The European mink in France: past and present
On the occurrence of the Honey-badger (Mellivora Capensis) and the viverrids in the Ivory Coast
Phototrapping Honey badgers
Recent evidence of the Brown palm civet, Paradoxurus jerdoni, from Silent Valley National Park, India
The conservation status of mustelids and viverrids in Southern Africa
Mongooses of Arabia
The Eurasian badger: status and legislative protection

1991 (Vols 4 & 5)

Volume 4 (Download PDF)

Aspects of the biology of the Small grey mongoose Galerella pulverulenta
Some notes on terrestrial mustelids in the central Paraguayan chaco
Owston’s Palm civet, Chrotogale owstoni, in captive
Conservation program of Chrotogale owstoni Thomas, 1912: Some first results
Restoration of the endangered Black-footed ferrret
The Gambian mongoose: a forgotten species?
The present status of mustelids and viverrids in Japan
Conservation status of the Eastern Spotted skunk
Situation of the European and American Mink populations in the Iberian peninsula
Back-striped weasel in Vietnam
Mustelids in the Eastern Red Data Books
The Eurasian badger: an update on status and protective legislation
The badgers of Ashcroft Woods

Volume 5
(Download PDF)

An update on the Javan ferret- badger Melogale orientalis (Horsfield1821)
Survey of the carnivores of Gunung Halimun Nature Reserve, Java
Stone martens and cars: a beginning war?
The Nilgiri marten, Martes gwatkinsii (Horsfield, 1851)
The conservation status of the badger Meles meles (L.) in Europe
Mustelids in Ladakh, India
Badgers and otters – pesticides and pollution: A European perspective
Badger sett protection in Britain
New information on European and American minks in the Iberian Peninsula
Distribution and status of minks in Byelorussia
International Panda Workshop held in the USA

1992 (Vols 6 & 7)

Volume 6 (Download PDF)

An action plan for procyonids and ailurids ready soon
Comparative analysis of the diets of European mink (Mustela lutreola), American mink (M. vison), and polecat (M. putorius) in Byelorussia
Changes in the occupation of badger setts in the environs of vilnius within the last decade
The biology and status of Owston’s palm civet in Vietnam
New distributional information on Owston’s palm civet
Report on the Norwegian wolverine (Gulo gulo L.)
Status, abundance and distribution of mustelids in Lithuania
The Irish stoat, Mustela erminaea hibernica
Is the Javan ferret-badger a subspecies or a species?
Badgers and bovine tubercolosis: An irreconcilable farming / conservation dilemma?
Some aspects of the distribution and breeding biology of Honey badgers
Reintroduction of polecat (Mustela putorius) and pine marten (Martes martes) in Britain
Field research on the Red panda planned

Volumes 1-6