Volume 19 (Download PDF)

Genets of the Niger Delta, Nigeria
Obituary: C.B. Powell
Notes on the diet of four species of viverrid in a limited area of southern Namaqualand, Northern Cape, South Africa
Red panda in Darjeeling at Singalila National Park and adjoining forest :a status report
Seeds on the roundabout – tropical forest regenetion by Genetta rubiginosa
Notes on the behavior of the Ring-tailed mongoose, Galidia elegans, at Ranomafana National Park, Madagascar
Movements and fruit selection of two Paradoxurinae species in a dry evergreen forest in Southern Thailand
A short notes on the Arabian Peninsula distribution of the White-tailed mongoose

1999 (Vols 20 & 21)

Volume 20 (Download PDF)

Owston’s Palm Civet Conservation Breeding Project Cuc Phuong National, Vietnam
Preliminary report on the status, activity cycle, and ranging of Cryptoprocta ferox in the Malagasy rainforest, with implications for conservation
A note on the Tainguen civet – a new species of viverrid from Vietnam (Viverra tainguensis Sokolov, Rozhnov & Pham Trong Anh, 1997)
Observation on two sympatrc, diurnal herpestids in the Betampona NR, eastern Madagascar
Conservation of small carnivores (mustelids, viverrids, herpestids, and one ailurid) in north Bengal, India
Fidelity and core area in the space and resource use system of the Pine marten, Martes martes
On the status of Martes foina bunites Bate, 1905
How to identify mustelid tracks
The colonisation by badgers (Meles meles ) of Coney Island, Co Sligo, Ireland
Notice of Eupleres goudotii in the rainforest of southeastern Madagascar
Black-footed ferret reproduction and reintroduction in 1998
Age dynamics in body weight and physiological indices in some mustelid species (Mustelidae)

Volume 21 (Download PDF)

Ecology of the Pygmy spotted skunk (Spilogale pygmaea) in the Chamela Cuixmala Biosphere Reserve, Mexico: preliminary findings
Badgers (Meles meles L., 1758) in a mountain area north of Varese (Lombardy -Italy)
Observations of the Red panda (Ailurus fulgens) in the Singhalila Parc, Darjeeling, India
The modern state of European mink (Mustela lutreola L.) populations
A comment on the nomenclature of the Rusty-spotted genet
Observations of viverrid, mustelid and herpestid species in Khao Yai NP, Thailand
The current Status of Vormele peregusna throughout its historical range
Appeal for the protection of mustelids in France
Carnivores of the Niger Delta, Nigeria
The European mink (Mustela lutreola) in the Danube Delta
Request for hair and tissue samples

2000 (Vols 22 & 23)

Volume 22 (Download PDF)

Behavioural interactions between the naturalized American mink Mustela vison and the native riparian mustelids, NE Belarus, with implications for population changes
Sexual variability in cranial from and morphology in wild and farmed American mink, Mustela vison, on Bering Island, Komandorian Archipelago, Russia
Note on status and foraging of the Pantot or Palawan stink-badger, Mydaus marchei
Red list of Threatened Species
A regional collection plan for mustelids in Europe
Assessing IUCN classifications of poorly-known spacies: Madagascar’s carnivores as a case study
News from the 18th Mustelid Colloquium

Volume 23 (Download PDF)

Trophic characteristics in social groups of the Mountain coati, Nasuella olivacea (Carnivore: Procyonidae)
Some small carnivore records from Nagaland, India
Badgers and the cattle TB crisis: an update
First observation of the Gambian mongoose, Mungos gambianus, in Guinea (Conakry)
Indecent exposure: Secondary poisoning risks in small carnivores
Mustelids in a molecular world
The Short-tailed mongoose, Herpestes brachyurus
Chrotogale owstoni Conservation Breeding Project Update Cuc Phuong Park, Vietnam
Are badgers in Somerset a pest?

2001 (Vols 24 & 25)

Volume 24 (Download PDF)

Finding on the ecology of hybrids between the European mink Mustela lutreola and polecat M. putorius at the Lovat upper reaches, NE Belarus
Pattern of variation in the feeding habits of the Badger Meles meles in the Abruzzo National Park central Italy)
Badgers (Meles meles) in Fenit Island, and their presence or absence on other islands in Co. Kerry, Ireland
The palm civets of Sulawesi
Owston’s Palm Civet Conservation Program (OCP).
The use of Xylazine and Ketamine in Owston’s palm civets Chrotogale owstoni
Methods used to record growth and health in captive Owston’s palm civets (Chrotogale owstoni) at Cuc Phuong National Park, Vietnam

Volume 25 (Download PDF)

Certain observations on the behaviour of Nilgiri marten (Martes gwatkinsi) in Periyar Tiger, Kerala, India
A new method to estimate the species diversity, density and biomass of water-living prey of semiaquatic mustelids in beaver ponds and small steams
Zorilla war
Small carnivore trappability: Seasonal changes mortality A case study on European mink Mustela lutreola and Spotted genetGenetta genetta
The Crab-eating mongoose, Herpestes urva

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