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Small Carnivore Conservation

2002 (Vols 26 & 27)

Volume 26 (Download PDF)

The Back-striped weasel Mustela strigidorsa Gray, 1853 in northeastern Thailand
Records of little known small carnivores from Thailand, Lao PDR and southern China
First experiences with keeping and breeding Narrow-striped mongooses Mungotictis decemlineata in Berlin Zoo, Germany
Olingos, Bassaricyon beddardi POCOCK, 1921, in Brazilian Amazonia: Status and recommendations
Current distribution and status of the European mink (Mustela lutreola L.,1761) in Spain
An observation of Hose’s Civet in Brunei
Use of Eurasian badger (Meles meles) setts and latrines in an area of the Italian Prealps (Lombardy, Italy)
Morophological data and husbandry notes for Owston’s palm civets and Large Indian civets
The small Indian mongoose; probably one of the most successful small carnivores in the world?
The great British badgers and bovine tuberculosis debate

Volume 27 (Download PDF)

Observations of small carnivores in the Kalakad-Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve, Western Ghats, India
Distribution and status of the Brown Palm Civet in the Western Ghats, South India
Some recent records of the Spotted Linsang Prionodon pardicolor from India
Physiological responses of Owston’s Palm Civets and Large Indian Civets to immobilization with a combination of ketamine HCL, acepromazine and atropine sulphate
Preliminary observations of Lowe’s Servaline Genet (Genetta servaline lowei) from Udzungwa Mountains National Park, Tanzania
The status of carnivores on Bioko Island, Equatorial Guinea
Free love badger-style
The Ethiopian Genet, Genetta abyssinica (Rupell 1836) (Carnivora, Viverridae): Ecology and phenotypic aspects
A study of the hybrids between the European mink Mustela lutreola and the Polecat M. putorius
Badger TB politics: contiuation
Partial eradication of the American mink Mustela vison as a way to maintain the declining population of the European minkMustela lutreola in a continental area. A case of study in the Lovat Rever head, NE Belarus

2003 (Vols 28 & 29)

Volume 28 (Download PDF)

Brown-tailed Mongoose Salanoia concolor in the Betampona Reserve, eastern Madagascar: photographs and an ecological comparison with Ring-tailed Mongoose Galidia elegans
Current and historical distribution of European mink Mustela lutreola in Biscay. Evolution and comments on the results
Do European mink use only rivers or do they also use other habitats?
Is the European mink Mustela lutreola a longstanding member of the Iberian fauna or a mid-twentieth-century arrival?
Records of small carnivores from Mount Kinabalu, Sabah, Borneo
Feeding ecology of the Common palm civet Paradoxurus hermaphroditus (Pallas) in semi-urben habitats in Trivandrum, India
The first record of Small-toothed palm civet Arctogalidia trivirgata from Cambodia, with notes on surveying the species
The Stripe-necked Mongoose, Herpestes vitticollis
Pests in France
IUCN/SSC Mustelid Viverrid and Procyonid Specialist Group: Vietnam working group
The status of stoats and weasels in Britain
A recently discovered specimen of Indonesian Mountain Weasel (Mustela lutreolina Robinson & Thomas 1917) from Sumatra

Volume 29 (Download PDF)

First photographs of the Zanzibar servaline Genet Genetta servalina archeri and other endemic subspecies on the island of Unguja, Tanzania
More badger TB politics
The head colour pattern of the Eurasian badgers (Mustelidae, Meles)
The diversity and conservation of mustelids, viverrids, and herpestids in a disturbed forest in Peninsular Malaysia
A review of the taxonomic and conservation statuses of the island reccoons
A note on the diet of the Water Mongoose Atilax paludinosus in the central Great Karoo, South Africa
Observation of a Striped Skunk (Mephitis mephitis) in Yonne department, France
A short note on the analysis of the scats of Water Mongoose Atilax paludinosus and Rusty-spotted Genet Genetta maculatafrom Kasanka National Park, north-east Zambia
Patterns of activity and home range of Mountain Coati Nasuella olivacea
Encounter with a Siberut Palm Civet, Mentawai Island, West Sumatra, Indonesia
The status of mongoose in central India

2004 (Vols 30 & 31)

Volume 30 (Download PDF)

The Cretan Stone Marten Martes foina bunites
First recent record of the Small-toothed Palm Civet Arctogalidia trivirgata from Vietnam
Status of the Narrow-striped Mongoose Mungotictis decemlineata of Madagascar
Throat patch variability on Cretan Beech Marten
Some information on Tres Marias Islands Raccoon Procyon insularis, with a description of tracks
Trophic niche overlop of three carnivores in a mountion area noth of Varese (Lombardy -Italy)
Observations on wild Wolverines Gulo gulo gulo in north east Finland
Ecology and conservation of the Palawan Stink Badger Mydaus marchei Huet,1887
Hose’s Civet, Diplogale hosei

Volume 31 (Download PDF)

Observations of a live Hose’s Civet Diplogale hosei
The Stone Marten Martes foina milleri on the Island of Rhodes
Confirmation of the Greater Grison Galictis vittata (Carnivora: Mustelidae) in Guatemala, Central America
The possible role of Oriental civets in the recent SARS epidemic
Territorial behaviour between male Common Genets
The importance of small carnivores in forest bushmeat hunting in the Classified Forest of Diecke, Guinea
Small carnivores in new wildlife sanctuaries in Assam in north-east India
A photograph of a remarkable Viverra from Vietnam
Killing civets for meat and scent in India
Badgers and TB: rethink needed

Volume 32 (Download PDF)

Small carnivores of the Udzungwa Mountains: presence, distributions and threats
Recent records of Large-spotted Civet Viverra megaspila from Thailand and Myanmar
Viverrid and herpestid observations by camera and small mammal cage trapping in the lowland rainforests on Borneo including a record of the Hose’s Civet, Diplogale hosei
International Conservation Breeding Program established for Owston’s Civet
Observation of a Malay Weasel in Sumatra
Distributional notes on the African Palm Civet Nandinia binotata in Tanzania

Volumes 26-32