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Small Carnivore Conservation

Volume 33 (Download PDF)

The rediscovery of Mungotictis decemlineata lineata Pocock, 1915 (Carnivora: Eupleridae) in southwestern Madagascar: insights into its taxonomic status and distribution
Small carnivores and their threats in Hlawga Wildlife Park, Myanmar
Recent sightings and habitat characteristics of the endemic Nilgiri Marten Martes gwatkinsii in Western Ghats, India
Yellow-bellied Weasel Mustela kathiah sightings in Phongsaly province, Laos, with notes on the species’ range in South-East Asia, and recent records of other small carnivores in the province
Small carnivores on small islands: new data based on old skulls
Sighting of a Sunda Otter Civet Cynogale bennettii in Sarawak
A Large-spotted Civet Viverra megaspila record from a mid-altitude plateau, Lao PDR
A short note on the activity patterns of Viverra tangalunga and Paradoxurus hermaphroditus in a secondary forest in Peninsular Malaysia

2006 (Vols 34 & 35)

Volume 34 & 35 (Download PDF)

The Malay Weasel Mustela nudipes:distribution, natural history and a global conservation status review
Taxonomic remarks on two poorly known South-east Asian weasels (Mustelidae, Mustela)
Eurpean Mink Mustela lutreola as a host of the Spirometra erinaceieuropaei
Intestinal parasites and diseases among the Small Indian Civet Viverricula indica ( E. Geoffroy St Hilaire )

Volumes 33-35